Bike Bag


This is the first bike bag that requires no disassembly of your bike – you do not need to dismantle your bike in any way!


Introducing the BikeBox Alan Bike Bag

A bag that fits around your bike perfectly without the need to dismantle anything! This bag is a perfect storage solution for homes that don’t have sheds or garages, ideal to keep muddy / oily bikes from dirtying your home or car.

Our Padded bike bag will drastically reduce the risk of scratches and damage to your bike whenever your bike is being transported to and from sportives by van or shuttle. At these events you have to rely on other people packing protection around all the bikes, all too often, packaging can slip during transportation, leaving your bike vulnerable to scratches.

We’ve added reinforced panels to protect the bag from puncture and made it with really heavy duty, hard wearing material. With a padded carry strap making it easy to transport and carry your bike. This bag comes available in two options, padded and non padded. If you need more protection or for transporting purposes, go for the padded but if it’s just a storage solution, non padded will do the job. The handy, versatile bag that will have you wondering how you managed before without one!

Please note that bikes sent on shuttle services generally ask for pedals to be removed to save space. We recommend you zip tie the pedals to the underside of the seat.